In his times, Sri Siva Kumar has unearthed a combination of nadies, known for their genuineness, accuracy, and reliability through his 15years of dedicated research. Among these Nadis, he has preferred Kousikar Nadi (Viswamithrar) as it is more easily understandable to the reader having been written in simple and clear style. This Kousikar Nadi is equally valuable and reliable, as the Nadis of other Rishis, Sukar, Agathiyar Vasishtar and Brugu, Kaka Bhujandar  etc., Though certain Nadis write the details in the form of dialogue between the preceptor (Guru) and his disciple, Maharishi Kousikar, instead of the above method, has written the Nadi in a simplified manner. That is why Sri Siva Kumar prefers this Nadi. Our Nadi center is also in possession of Nadis written by other celebrated saints like Agathiyar, Sukar, Vasishtar, Bhogar, Kaka Bhujandar etc.,

About Viswamithra Rishi (Kousikar)
Brahmarshi Vishvamitra  is one of the most revered rishis or sages of since ancient times in India. He is also credited as the author of most of Mandala 3 of the Rigveda, including the Gayatri Mantra. The Great Puranas mention that only 24 Rishis since antiquity have understood the whole meaning of, and thus wielded the whole power of the Gayatri Mantra. Sage Vishvamitra is supposed to be the first, and Sage Yajnavalkya the last.Because of his continued penance he attained immense powers. With his yogic power he is able to help any person to any extent, if the person surrenders to him with unshakable faith and if one implicitly obeys his commands. . With his yogic power he can even alter the fate of a person. One such incident is his creation of separate heaven to King Thrisangu.All of the Saptarishis are Brahmarishis. The Brahmarishis are the highest class of Rishis and are Rishis who have understood the meaning of Brahman. Usually, one cannot rise to the level of a Brahmarishi through merit alone. However, Vishwamitra (one of the seven sages of the current manvantara) rose to the position of a Brahmarishi through his own merit alone. Brahmarishis are greater than even the devtas in power and piety.

Nadi Granthas or the great books of subtle knowledge, are recordings of the Sapta Rishi. Sapta means seven and Rishi means Sages. Brahma conceived the Seven Great Sages out of his mind to help in his creation of the world. They were Bhrigu, Angira, Atri, Vishvamitra, Kashyapa, Vashishta, and Agastya. They knew the key to creation and the destiny of each and every individual born and yet to be born. What is their purpose? Why they were born? What karma they bring into their life? The Nadi written by Bramharishi Viswamithra is known as Kousika Nadi. 

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