Nadi explains good and bad events in a man's life. The important feature of  the Nadi Astrology is about worship, rituals to be performed by the human being in temples, to eradicate the evil effects caused by one's past birth sinful deeds and thereby be free form such evils in this birth, through God's grace and blessings. This is a Yogic Art. Sri Siva Kumar through reading the Nadi, indicates the proper remedial measures clearly. By performing such remedies the persons concerned are benefited. They get God's grace and blessings.

Just with the help of your thumb impression, the astrologer traces and locates the Nadi leaf containing details, and the ways to remove the harmful effects generated by your past birth sinful deed, so that you can lead a pleasant and successful life in future. Thus, the Nadi possesses the ability to alter the course of your destiny, in a manner you wish to have it. Please bring your horoscope/, date and time of birth if available.

We can also give prediction from any other nadi including MAHA SHIV NADI if desired.

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