Kaandams (Cantos)
K.1 GENERAL KAANDAM: Gives details about year, month, day and date on which the native is born; Birth Star; Lagnam (Ascendant) and also various other main aspects of entire life in general form.
K.2 Speaking skill, wealth aspects, family situations, Education of the native, his/ her eye sight
K.3 Brothers and Sisters, good or bad events coming to the native from them, problems in life, native's courage, about servants etc
K.4 Details about native's mother, possession of house, building, land site, properties, vehicles, comforts in native's life, hidden treasure etc.,
K.5 Child Birth, Reason for absence/ delay of issues; No of male/ female children, good and bad situations caused by children etc
K.6 Debts, disease, court case, enemies and their actions. During age period when these troubles would arise
K.7 Marriage aspects, time of marriage, reason for delay, good and bad instances caused after marriage, details about bride/ bridegroom, direction from which they would come, physical feature like colour, look of hair, identification by moles/ scars etc.,
K.8 Length of life, intervening diseases and bad periods, reason for death, time of death, year, month, date, star, day or night etc.,
K.9 About father, his properties, disease of father, time of his death, Acquaintance with Guru, visit of temples etc.,
K.10 Occupational aspects, nature of occupation of the native during different periods, loss or gain, business and its nature,  promotion, transfer etc.,
K.11 Profits-period when it will occur- about second marriage- good or bad coming out of such 2nd marriage
K.12 Losses in life-their nature and when such losses would occur- visit to countries abroad-political life- rebirth- Moksham, sound sleep etc.,
Separate Kaandams
SHANTHI KAANDAM: Details about past birth features of the native- sins committed and solution for relief-Pooja procedure etc.,
DHEEKSHA KAANDAM: About how the native is affected by jealous people- black magic witch- craft done by wicked people- procedure to overcome such evil effects- Issue of Raksha for the same.
AUSHADA KAANDAM: Medicines- About nature of disease- Nature of medical treatment for the disease.
GNANA KAANDAM: Deep devotional aspects of the native, about attaining spiritual knowledge - Vision of God- details about acquaintance with religious Guru/ Preceptor and getting his preaching.
DHASA- BHUKTHI KAANDAM: Details about good/ bad events - time and duration of their appearance.
Note: Naadi Predictions can be given from Sukar, Maha Siva Vakyar, Vasishtar writings also. For those who don't have horoscope, the same can be prepared with the help of native's thumb impression. (Right Thumb for males and left Thumb for females). It is advisable to bring horoscope for tallying with Naadi.
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